State joined the union on December 18, 1787 – State No 03/13

Capital: Trenton


* TOPIC I: 23 Lafayette outdoor sculptures, statues, busts… in 16 States □ TOPIC II: Around 100 Towns, Counties, Places named for Lafayette in 38 States Synthesis realized by Gérard Charpentier 01-01-2016

* TOPIC I: 23 Lafayette outdoor sculptures, statues, busts… in 16 States
□ TOPIC II: Around 100 Towns, Counties, Places named for Lafayette in 38 States
Synthesis realized by Gérard Charpentier 01-01-2016

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Statues, Busts, Monuments, Memorials… Historic Parks and Places…

Morristown, NJ

Marquis de La Fayette arriving from France with L’Hermione informing General George Washington and Colonel Alexander Hamilton

that the French will support the American “Insurgents”.

Sculpture installation located on the Morristown Green.  Morristown has been called “the military capital of the American Revolution”

because of its strategic role in the war for independence from Great Britain.



Town, city, village, county, township …may refer or are named for

General Gilbert du Motier, marquis de La Fayette, or La Grange “Home” of Lafayette

Lafayette, NJ – Township



Parks, places, sites …

Trenton, NJ – State Capital

westWest Lafayette St.


Audubon, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Brigantine, NJ Lafayette Place

Cape May, NJ – Lafayette St.

Carneys Point, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Carteret, NJ – Lafayette St.

Chatham, NJ – Lafayette Place

Denville, NJ – Lafayette Place

Edgewater Park, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Edison NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Englewood, NJ – Lafayette Place

Fords, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Hackettstown Town, NJ – Lafayette St.

Harrington Park, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Hopewell, NJ – Lafayette St.

Jersey City, NJ – Lafayette St.

Kearny, NJ – Lafayette Place

Kenilworth, NJ – Lafayette Place

Linden, NJ – Lafayette St.

Metuchen, NJ – N. Lafayette Rd.

Newark, NJ – Lafayette St.

Paterson, NJ – Lafayette St.

Princeton, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Rahway, NJ – Lafayette St.

Riverside, NJ – Lafayette St.  

Rumson, NJ – Lafayette St.

Sparta, NJ – Lafayette Rd.

Waldwick, NJ – Lafayette Place

Wharton, NJ – Lafayette St.

Williamstown, NJ – Lafayette St.

Woodbridge, NJ – North Lafayette Rd.



Pictures, busts, Exhibitions …

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They played a key role in the American Revolution (1765-1783)
and during the American Revolutionary War (1775–1783)

Between 1778 and 1783,
44 177 French soldiers and sailors fought aside the “American Insurgents”,
5 040 gave their live for their independence.


Road markers, places, objects…

13_colonies Am revol

The 13 states involved : Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts (South and North), New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia.

He enlisted as a volunteer without pay alongside the “Insurgents” of the 13 English colonies in America who declared independence unilaterally July 4, 1776

Marquis de Lafayette as a Major General of Continental Army in 1779. Portrait by Charles Willson Peale

Marquis de Lafayette as a Major General of Continental Army in 1779.
Portrait by Charles Willson Peale

Lafayette: First military campaign : from June 1777 to January 1779

Lafayette: Back in France to plead the cause of the “Insurgents” : from February 1779 to March 1780


Lafayette: Second military campaign :  from April 1780 to December 1781

Montclair, NJ  – October 20, 1780

montclair_c_04Lafayette headquarters site

Surrounded by a short brick wall and wrought-iron fence, between a parking lot and a strip of shops at 547 Valley Road (next 551),

lafayette-stone Montclair NJ -2

is a portion of the doorstep to a house where General Lafayette stayed while planning a sneak attack in Montclair during the Revolutionary War. Nota There is a Washington’s Headquarters Site Monument – Corner of Valley Rd. and Claremont Ave (Private Home)


Little Fall, NJ – 1780

(located about 3.5 miles from Montclair and 15 miles from New York City)

Woods Road Lafayette marker Little Fall, NJ

The Woods Road Lafayette marker is located next a private house, 100 Woods Road Little Fall, NY. We can read on the marker:


Created 1780 by revolutionary war troops of General Lafayette

while manning outpots to watch British troop movements

Oradel, NJ – August/ September 1780

PrtScn 2017-03-03

2017-03-03 (2)(prtscn 03-03-2017)

SOLDIER HILL – Lafayette Encampment

574 Kinderkamack Rd. and Soldier Hill Road – Oradel NJ

The Continental (American) Army under George Washington was encamped in Bergen County from August 23 to September 20, 1780.


“The Continental Army advanced to Englewood on August 23, 1780, with some units foraging as far south as Jersey City. The main body of the army moved west of the Hackensack River on September 4th, camping in two lines west of Kinderkamack Road, one atop the ridge and one below. The camp extended from River Edge Road two miles north to the vicinity of Soldier Hill. The artillery park was near their center along Ridgewood Avenue. Light infantry was posted on the heights behind New Bridge in Van Saun Co. Park. Lafayette had his headquarters at the north end of the encampment, near this spot. The army departed on September 20, 1780. »




Louis XVI - King of France and Navare

Louis XVI – King of France and Navare

1768-1777 – France secretly helps the American Insurgents

1768: Baron de Kalb a Bavarian-born French military, traveled to America on a covert mission (to determine the level of discontent among colonists) on behalf of France.
1775-1776-1777:  France secretly sent military supplies. During these three years France had been sent secretly to the American rebels over five million “livres” of aid.

1778-1782 – France officialy and fully aids the American Insurgents

1778 (February) – Franco American Treaty
(Later Spain (in 1779) and Dutch (in 1780) became allies of France)

*1778-1779 – 1st “French Expedition” under Comte d’Estaing
*1780-1781-1782- 2nd “French Expedition” under Comte de Rochambeau
*1781- The French Navy under Comte de Grasse joins the Franco-American ground Forces in Yorktown, VA



TOPIC VI (T6) – LAFAYETTE VISIT (August 4 to December 22, 1784)

Road markers, places, objects…


In 1784, Lafayette visited America, where he enjoyed an enthusiastic welcome; he visited all the 13 states except Georgia.



Road markers, places, objects…


The 24 states visited : Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine (ex-Massachusetts / North part), Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia. Plus Washington D.C.

General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett

General Lafayette in 1825 by Matthew Harris Jouett

Detailed Timeline

July 1824
•    July 13 – Lafayette leaves France.
August 1824
•    August 15 – Staten Island, NY.
•    August 16 – New York City landing at Castle Garden.
•    August 20 –New York City to Bridgeport,CT, (via Harlem, New Rochelle, Byram Bridge and Putnam Hill in Greenwich, Stamford, Norwalk, Saugatuck (Westport) and Fairfield)
(August 21–24 – New Haven, CT ; Providence, RI; Stoughton, MA; and Boston, MA)
September 1824
(September 4 – Hartford and Middletown, CT
•    September 5 – New York City.
•    September 11 –New York City
•    September 16 -Poughkeepsie, NY
•    September ?24?-Newburgh, NY

September 23, 24, 1824 Lafayette visited many places in NJ

Newark, NJ
On September 23, 1824, Lafayette visited Newark

where he was greeted with an elaborate reception.

While in Newark, he was entertained at Elisha Boudinot’s home.

Lafayette-Boutinot marker Newark NJ -1Elisha Boudinot / General Lafayette Marker Broad St. and Park Pl.

Boutinot lafayette marker Newark NJ -2

On this site stood the residence of Elisha Boudinot one of Newark’s most distinguished citizens, Eminent jurist, Member of Newark’s Committee of Correspondence, Patriot and personal friend of Washington.

Here on September 23, 1824 General Lafayette was entertained on his first visit to Newark. On the one hundredth anniversary of this event this tablet was erected by the Newark Chapter, New Jersey Society, Sons of the American Revolution.

(Elisha was the brother of Elias Boudinot, who served as the president of the Continental Congress from 1782 – 1783)

Caldwell, NJ
Marquis de La Fayette visited Caldwell, NJ in 1824, featuring a celebration party at the Crane Tavern.


Elisabeth Town, NJ
On September 23, 1824, Lafayette visited Elizabeth Town

Boxwood-hall Elisabeth Town, NJ Lafayette visit Sept 23 1824Boxwood Hall

“Jonathan Dayton, who had known Lafayette during the Revolutionary War, acted as Grand Marshal of the day, while Lafayette received a tour of the city and was honored throughout the day. After a day of honors and salutes, Lafayette spent the night at Boxwood Hall.”

In 1795 Elias Boudinot Brother of Elisha Boudinot sold Boxwood Hall to Jonathan Dayton, who lived here until his death on Oct. 9, 1824 lessthan three weeks after the visit from Lafayette. Since 2004 The State of New Jersey operates the house as a historic house museum


Woodbridge, NJ

Cross Keys Tavern - Woodbridge NJCross Keys Tavern
As part of this trip, Lafayette stopped at the Cross Keys Inn on September 24, 1824 while en route to Philadelphia.
Today 142 James St. (Private Home) the tavern was originally located at the corner of Main Street and Amboy Avenue.

September 28 –Philadelphia, PA. Heading to Delaware, DE
May 1825
(May 25 – Washington, PA
•    May 29 – Visits Braddock, PA
•    May 30–31 –Pittsburgh, PA
June 1825
•    June 1 –Butler, PA
•    June 4 – Buffalo, NY at Lafayette Square. (Lafayette follows Erie Canal from Buffalo, NY across New York State)
•    June 7 – Rochester, NY.

July 1825

July 14, 15, 1825 Lafayette visited many places in NJ

Hackensack, NJ  

General Enoch Poor Grave Hackensack, NJOn July 14,  Lafayette visited General Poor’s burial site

The inscription includes: In 1824, Lafayette re visited this grave, and turning away much affected, exclaimed, Ah, that was one of my Generals.
(George Washington and Lafayette both attended his funeral on September, 1780)
Lafayette visit Hackensack, Paterson and Morristown the same day.
Paramus, NJ

Red Mill site Paramus NJRed Mill Site

 On July 14, Lafayette stopped here on his way
(Marker is just inside of the small park that contains Easton Tower Red Mill site)

Red Mill etEaston Water Tow Paramus NJ todayThe area was the “scene of many raids and encounters during the Revolution. Washington and his men often passed here.

Morristown, NJ

On July 14, 1825, Lafayette arrived at Morristown around 6 pm, where a parade of the Morris Brigade on the Green, the firing of cannon, and the ringing of church bells greeted his arrival. After a welcoming address by Dr. Lewis Condict of Morristown, and dining at the Ogden House (which no longer exists, but then stood at the corner of Market Street and the Green),

Sansay House Morrsitown, NJOn July 14, Lafayette attends a banquet held in his honor at Sansay House.

Sansay House Morristown NJ 1825

Lafayette attended a ball in his honor at this house, which was then used as a dancing school by French dancing master Louis Sansay.

Sansay House Plaque armée continentale 1776-1782

Sansay House Morristown NJ - Continental army encampament 1776 -1782
There is also a plaque on the house that was placed by the Town of Morristown that reads: Continental Army Encampments 1776 – 1782. Sansay House in which reception was given Lafayette on his return  July 14, 1825


•    July 15, 2015 – Lafayette is on his way to Springfield, NJ.

Madison, NJ

Lafayette attends a reception at Waverly House in then Bottle Hill, now Madison, NJ


Springfield, NJ


•    July 20 -Germantown and Chestnut Hill, PA
•    July 25 –Wilmington, DE
•    July 26 – Chester, PA, Brandywine Battlefield, PA and West Chester, PA
•    July 27 – Lancaster,PA. Heading to Maryland State